Sunti Designs was originated in late 2004. Graphic Artist W Samantha Newman had been doing marketing/sales/ graphics for several big companies and wanted to do it on her own. The fictitious name was filed early in 2005 when she got her first website client. With the previous jobs she had, W Samantha Newman was well connected to the business workforce. 
The companies initial focus was on retail, telecommunications, transport, and financial institutions as that is what she had done for the previous 14 years. It has grown to over 60 industries and 400 clients later. Sunti Designs also helps several non-for-profit organizations by doing a pro-bono piece each quarter and picking up one non-for-profit to help the entire year. There are several organization that we also donates to on a regular basis (many being in the humanities).
By 2009, the economy had turned around something fierce. Recently, a new market has come to my doorsteps which is graphics for books and authors. I have done several covers, graphic layout of books, and illustrated children’s books. See some samples at We have also started doing Social Media Campaigns for clients instead of just doing it for ourselves. There is a new wave of technology that is helping market companies and the staff of Sunti Designs stays on top of it so that we can make creative ways to promote your company. It would be an honor if you would decide for us to help you grow your company to where you want it to be! ABOUT THE OWNER W Samantha ‘Suntirojanakul’ Newman started drawing as a toddler and was rewording commercials on TV as a small child to make them more believable. Sam always excelled in mathematics, art, and business classes in school. Originally, she wanted to be an architect but was always driven to the communications arts. Growing up billboards and signage were what taught her how to read at the early age of 3. She won several art competitions growing up and even did some of the high school plays. It was destiny for her to be doing something with the arts. She always had a business mind as well. She used to save her Halloween candy and sell it to kids who ate all their candy after the first few days.  Sam always used creativity to make money and have fun all at the same time. She went to the University of Missouri-St. Louis to stay close to her family since that is and was her top priority. Sam was well-rounded with business classes, art classes, advanced math classes, teaching and accounting classes. The art studio classes were here favorite. She worked in fast food, retail (big and small), fortune 500 companies, local savings and loan banks, sold artwork door-to-door, telecommunications (when that meant land lines and pagers), modeling for big name companies and products, and owning several businesses. After helping two fortune 500 companies and one local financial institution, she decided to freelance in the 90s. Helping other businesses felt good and she always gave back by donating her time to a local charity. She learned strong work ethics from her grandparents who survived the great depression and taught her to work hard and spend well. MISSION STATEMENT: To help companies of all sizes and industries compete, market, advertise, and sell products and services to keep their business alive and flourishing. VALUES: Originality, Hard Work, Trust, Honesty, Customer Service



Sam is a top-notch designer who creates fantastic websites tailored to her clients’ needs. She’s also great with social networking campaigns. I always enjoy collaborating with her.” November 11, 2010, Caitlin Moriarity, Freelance Writer and Editor, Caitlin Moriarity Writing/Editing Services “Samantha has done a great job helping with services of advertisement design, updating me on the best social networking sites to be on, and a press release on our move and hiring of a dispatcher. She even was able to get us in the Small Business Monthly. Great job, we will continue to partner with her and Sunti Designs to help us out.” July 26, 2010, John Goessling, Courier and Transport business owner “Samantha gave my press release more coverage than I expected from her large contact list and did so in the short notice I gave her to get it out. She gave me fast, friendly and fabulous service. Her experience in marketing to media was alone worth the cost of hiring her. Candidate, MO House of Representatives, Dist 19” April 18, 2010, Kurt Bahr, 2011 MO House of Representatives, Dist 19 “Samantha created a spectacular cover for our book, A New Fearless You and everyone LOVES it. The cover conveys playfulness, creativity and at the same time, nails the subject matter-how grown-ups still play hide and seek.” April 13, 2010, Evonne Weinhaus, couples therapist, author of A New Fearless You, and co-owner of Transformations

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